Temporal Displacement Syndrome

Hello, I'm Milli. I am just a little lesbian currently studying science in Brisbane. My obsessions include Star Trek, Hannibal, Welcome to Nightvale, horror films, science fiction, Bryan Fuller, books, sewing, maths and physics.


medusa, trying to turn you to stone, but you accidentally called her “melissa” when you first walked in and now you’re too embarrassed to look at her. “it’s alright” she keeps saying “i get it all the time” but you still won’t look. u don’t even remember the stone thing until later

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That point in a piece of fanfiction where you can tell something embarrassing is about to happen so you start fucking around on tumblr because you’re a huge baby with a crippling overabudance of empathy.

I do this with every media I consume. I pause movies and have to walk around and prepare myself for second-hand embarrassment sometimes.

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❝ The Queen’s Handmaidens are an elite group. They aren’t servants or pretty decorations for the court. They are chosen for their courage and intelligence. They would give their lives for the Queen and for Naboo. In other words, they aren’t there to fetch me glasses of nectar. ❞  [x]

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"no homo" the teenage boy whispers as he pulls away from kissing his friend. he gently strokes the other males face "full bi" he adds in a sensuous tone.

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